What is the Pet Chime?

Pet Chime is the doggie electronic doorbell!

It is portable and wireless and housebreaking your dog is easy with the doggie doorbell.

Comes with complete and simple instructions on how to train your dog to use the Pet Chime.

The dog shown in the picture learned how to use the Pet Chime Doggie Doorbell in just fifteen minutes!

The Pet Chime works with both dogs and cats and can be either set to make a bark or a ding dong chime.

The Pet Chime can be easily mounted on a wall or placed on a table and the wireless paw which looks like a paw print can sit on the floor or be mounted on a wall.

When your dog presses the paw print you know the dog wants out or in.

Dogs are creatures of habit once you teach him the simple process to get in or out he won’t forget the Pet Chime!

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